Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Skybroadband 5mbps review

Tech Blog - This is a short review of Skybroadband 5mbps internet service, I have been a Skybroadband subscriber for 3 years now, I was initially subscribe to their plan 999 plus 200 for a static IP and later upgraded to plan 1999 for their 5mbps plan, I would say that in my area(Paranaque) Skybroadband has been a very good provider of internet service, most issues are resolved within a day and the customer support are pretty good compared to Smart or PLDT customer service agent, there are some issues I had with them regarding torrent last year however this has also been resolve once they are confronted with fact and data that their are actively blocking certain trackers with their proxy, all in all if your looking for a good internet service in the south area I would suggest taking a look at Skybroadband.


- No throttling
- Subscription speed is constant.
- Minimal downtime, couple times a year.
- Good response time from their customer service agent.
- Can provide static IP for extra 200php a month for home users.
- Personal customer support number.


- Customer service agent sometimes "technically challenged".
- System Engineer/Administrator tendency to mess up or experiment on live production environment.

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