Saturday, November 22, 2014

Simple Step On How To Remove Virus In Windows - 2015 Edition

Tech Blog - This is an update to my 10 step easy how to on removing virus and spyware that can be found here, this  update will contain more up to date tools on removing virus and spyware on your PC.

Lets begin.

If your computer keeps on rebooting do the following first
  • Continuously press f8 during boot up then select safe mode
  • Once your in safe mode goto start > run > type msconfig > click on start up > unchecked everything click apply then reboot.
Tools we're going to use, you need to download the following:
Malwarebytes - download the free version from Malwarebytes,
Avast - a good free antivirus software, get it at

Step 1 - Download and Install Malwarebytes, run update if possible then do a scan.
Step 2 - Once Malwarebytes completed, install and run Avast and do a complete system scan.

As an alternative to Avast you can also use Microsoft Security Essential its also free you can get it here.

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