Wednesday, January 25, 2012

NTP Sync On Startup How To | Linux Howto | Redhat and CentOS

Tech Blog - Here is a quick howto on forcing your NTP service running on Linux Redhat and CentOS to sync during start up of the ntpd daemon, instead of doing ntpdate command is by adding -x on the option below is the howto on doing this[poiu

Go to
cd /etc/sysconfig
vi ntpd

You should see something like the below entry, take note of the 2nd line(OPTIONS)
# Drop root to id 'ntp:ntp' by default.
OPTIONS=" -u ntp:ntp -p /var/run/"

# Set to 'yes' to sync hw clock after successful ntpdate

# Additional options for ntpdate
Edit the entry by adding -x it should look like the one below now
OPTIONS="-x -u ntp:ntp -p /var/run/"
Save the file and start ntpd by issuing /etc/init.d/ntpd start
# /etc/init.d/ntpd restart
ntpd: Synchronizing with time server: [ OK ]
Starting ntpd: [ OK ]

Now every time ntpd start it will attempt to synchronize with time server.

hope this helps.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Torrent Magnet Link and Google Chrome Howto

Tech Blog - Here is a quick howto on associating your Google Chrome browser and Vuze with magnet link, since The Pirate Bay will soon stop hosting torrent files but will only provide magnet link, it will be wise for your convenience to make sure your browser associate the magnet link with your torrent client.

On Windows Vista

  1. Go to run -> type regedit
  2. File -> Export (to backup before you edit, in case something goes wrong)
  3. After backing up your registry, look for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > magnet > shell > open > command > Default (double click on Default, on right pane)
  4. Enter "C:\Program Files\Vuze\Azureus.exe" "%1" with quotes if your using Vuze otherwise use the path to your torrent client, click ok then your done, everytime you click on a magnet link Chrome will associate it with you torrent client.

Hope this help.
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