Monday, August 29, 2011

Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 - Gingerbread Howto

Tech Blog - Here is a simple howto on rooting Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Gingerbread, if you have recently updated from Froyo on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 i'm sure you have notice that your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 is no longer rooted, the only way to root Gingerbread on Galaxy Tab is to install CF-Root kernel from Chainfire.


Step to rooting:

Step 1 - Extract the downloaded ZIP file
Step 2 - Open Odin, check PDA and select the extracted Kernel
Step 3 - Very important make sure Re-Partition is not checked

Screenshot of Odin with Galaxy Tab unplugged

Step 4 - Put your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 to download mode, to do this power off your Galaxy Tab then hold down Volume down button while pressing the Power button to power on.
Step 5 - Plug in your Galaxy Tab 7 and click start on Odin, let it finished then your Galaxy Tab should be rooted done.

Once completed you should see the screen like below

NOTE: Do not unplug you Galaxy Tab during update.


Franklin said...

made my Tab start boot looping, drew a grey line down the screen and nothing else.

Genius24k said...

Make sure you have followed the instruction to the letter.


Step 3 - Very important make sure Re-Partition is not checked

Anonymous said...

Had the boot loop problem. Grey line and everything. I found this page
From there I found a link to my specific version of the galaxy tab. I then installed an already rooted rom through odin basically following the instructions above except using a different file.

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