Friday, September 02, 2011

Share Videos from Windows to PS3 DLNA Howto

Tech Blog - Here is a quick howto on sharing your videos or music from your Windows computer to any network media player including your Playstation 3 over your LAN, for Dvd ripped and 480p or less videos you will no lag problem streaming the movies to your media player using wireless G, however to be able to stream 720p and 1080p you are required to have at least a Wireless N connection or use cabled LAN to be able to play the files without any problem.
First go to your Control Panel and Network Sharing Center and make sure Media Sharing is turned on as seen below

Then open your Windows Media Player, click on Library > Add Library > Add the folder you want to share wher ethe Videos, Music or Pictures are located, as seen below

After adding your shared folder click on Library once again and click on Media Sharing, make sure "Share My Media" is selected click on setting give your Share a Name and select Media Types you would like to share, you can select Allow New Devices and Computer automatically and it automatically authorize any device that detect the share, otherwise you will need to manually allow each device detected, once you have made your choice click ok and aply then your done, go to your Network Media Player and it should be able to detect your share.

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to Mount filesystem - read/write

Tech Blog - Here is a quick howto on mounting filesystem in Linux

To mount
# mount /dev/hda2 /mnt

/dev/hda2 is the disk/partition you want to mount, /mnt is where you want it mounted.

If you want to remount an already mounted drive as read only

# mount -oremount,ro /mnt

If you want to remount an already mounted drive as read write
# mount -remount,rw /mnt

Monday, August 29, 2011

Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 - Gingerbread Howto

Tech Blog - Here is a simple howto on rooting Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Gingerbread, if you have recently updated from Froyo on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 i'm sure you have notice that your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 is no longer rooted, the only way to root Gingerbread on Galaxy Tab is to install CF-Root kernel from Chainfire.


Step to rooting:

Step 1 - Extract the downloaded ZIP file
Step 2 - Open Odin, check PDA and select the extracted Kernel
Step 3 - Very important make sure Re-Partition is not checked

Screenshot of Odin with Galaxy Tab unplugged

Step 4 - Put your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 to download mode, to do this power off your Galaxy Tab then hold down Volume down button while pressing the Power button to power on.
Step 5 - Plug in your Galaxy Tab 7 and click start on Odin, let it finished then your Galaxy Tab should be rooted done.

Once completed you should see the screen like below

NOTE: Do not unplug you Galaxy Tab during update.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 - Howto

Tech Blog - Here is a quick howto on upgrading Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 from Android Froyo 2.2 to Gingerbread 2.3 using Samsung Kies.

Step 1 - Install Samsung Kies and follow the onscreen instruction, you can download latest version from their Samsung website
Step 2 - Once installed plug in your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 P1000 to your PC USB port, make sure your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 is fully charge
Step 3 - Kies will automatically auto detect your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, and ask if you want to upgrade, it will ask you if you also want to backup if click you click Yes.
Step 4 - After step 3 it will update the firmware on your Samsung Galaxy Tab, wait till its done, make sure do not disconnect the cable during update, once done you can disconnect and check your Galaxy Tab.

Note: The firmware doesn't delete or wipe anything of your Samsung Galaxy Tab, however if your are rooted it will unroot it, the only way to root Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Gingerbread is to use Cf-Root

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