Friday, February 26, 2010

IPtables Howto | Block China and Korean IP | Brute Force

Tech Blog - Recently notice one of my home servers running Linux CentOS's SSH port is being attacked using Bruteforce almost nonstop daily, and a lot of the attack are coming from China and Russia, one IP logged 15445 brute force attempt on my SSH port, anyway I found a list of IP off at wizcraft which has various Asia/Asian countries IP that are known offenders, and I apply it to my servers IPtable, I wrote a simple PHP script to read the list and apply the list in one go.

All you need to do is replaced the /etc/script/blockip2 to your own IP list you want to block and run the script, the script will run the command "iptables -A INPUT -s offendingip -j DROP" and apply the rules that will drop all incomming connection from sources on your IP block list, this is not the most efficient way of doing this but its a good start :)

The IP list(blockip2) file format is, no extra line space and no letters.
-----Sample format----
------- End ----------------

To view your applied iptables rules
$ iptables -L

-nL for non reverse lookup
$ iptables -nL

To Flush your iptables rules
$ iptables -F

Hope this help.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

MP3 to Audio Book Converter | Free Software | Review

Tech Blog - Ever thought of using the Audio Book function of your iPod or iPhone and have you ever wonder how to get your iPod or iPhone to recognize your MP3 formatted audio book as Audio Book so that you can se the features of audio book formatted file on your iPod, features such as "Remembering the last listening position" this feature help you remembers the position where you stoped listening the last time. So when you continue listening to your audio book, maybe days later, you don't have to waste time finding the right position to start. another feature is "Adjusting the reading speed" You can adjust the reading speed to your personal preferences. anyway for you to be able to use those features you will need to convert those MP3 formatted audio books and I found a great tool for doing the job MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter, the software will let you convert your MP3 formatted audio books to a single big file or seperated files, the best part of the software is its easy to use and its free. check it out.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

iTunes 9 Error 0xE8000065 on Windows 7 and Vista Unabl to Synchronization

itunesTech Blog - After several months of not using my iPod Touch 1st generation, I have decided to use it once again after reading about iPad Tablet which got me a bit excited as I could see that I would definitely be getting one probably the iPad 3g one, anyway this post is not about iPad Tablet, but my problem with syncing my iPod Touch using iTunes 9 on Windows Vista, I have searched all over the net and seems liek there are no solution to this problem, my problem is basically iTunes 9 is not able to detect my iPod Touch and giving the error code Error 0xE8000065, however iTunes is able to detect my iPod Touch if I put it on "Recovery Mode" and able to do restore except for teh last part, which will not complete the restoration process, anyway I was able to fix my problem by uninstaling iTunes 9 and all its components including Apple Mobile Device, Bonjour, Quicktime and anything that has Apple label on it then I did a reboot, and then installed iTunes 8 and I was able to restore my iPod Touch and sync, good thing I haven't deleted iTunes 8 on my computer, now I'm thinking of upgrading my iTunes 8 to iTunes 9, which I hope iTunes 9 will not update the "Apple Mobile Device" installed by iTunes 8, as I found out that "Apple Mobile Device" that came with iTunes 9 is the culprit, I ws only able to make this conclusion when I removed iTunes 9 without removing "Apple Mobile Device" under "Program Feature" under Windows Vista, will update if updating to iTunes 9 via iTunes 8 work for me thanks for reading.

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