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Best New Mobile Phones of 2010

Tech Blog - Where would we be without our mobile phones? A recent study of mobile phone users found that more people in the UK would rather have their wallet or purse stolen than their mobile phone. This is mainly due to all the everyday necessities they now seem to have lurking inside their printed circuit boards and solid state disk drives. It is now easier and cheaper to cancel a bank card than it is to replace a mobile phone, with its wealth of contacts and personal or business information now stored within its slender confines. We are all now learning that there is more to mobile phones than making calls.

Gone are the days a mobile phone required its own briefcase to store the battery and text messaging was a distant dream. Today the best mobile phones are judged on their OS (Operating System) Camera, functionality, ease of use and looks.

So, for this article, I have split the competition into the different operating systems they use and picked the cream of the crop.

Blackberry Torch
Research in Motion (RIM) are relative newcomers in the smartphone market and made their name instead by producing the best phones a busy, international business person could buy. Now however, they are hitting the majority of phone users needs for social networking, media streaming, internet use and ergonomics.

The Blackberry Torch is the latest offering from RIM which boasts a large touch screen as well as a full QWERTY keyboard, the best blackberry camera yet seen on their range, more customisable options and has been designed specifically for social networking.

Samsung Omnia 7
Samsung has a good track record for making reliable, no nonsense phones, which sell well. Their new Omnia 7 smartphone runs Windows Phone 7, the new mobile phone OS from Microsoft. Windows Phone 7 makes use of ‘Live Tiles’ which are the hub to everything you need on the phone. Whether that is social networking, media or internet, the tiles keep you up to date quickly without the need to constantly update the screen. The Windows Phone 7 OS is designed for people on the move who require information as fast as possible.

Out of all the current WP7 phones I have singled out the Samsung Omnia 7 as the phone of choice because it has the best screen, which makes the WP7 interface, with its reliance on deep black, look gorgeous. It runs the OS well and has all the functionality one needs to keep up in the fast paced mobile phone scene.

I obviously couldn’t finish this article without mentioning the iPhone4 from Apple. Apple is somewhat of an international electronics engineering phenomenon. Let’s face it, unless you’ve been living as a hermit for the past eight years or so you will have heard of an iPod or an iMac.

The iPhone4 is Apple’s next generation of the hugely successful iPhone series. These mobile phones are the must have for many groups of people from the fashion conscious to the business person. The iPhone4 is literally an update of the technology to the previous generations of phone and includes engineered glass, so the phone is strong and looks beautiful, ‘Retina Display’ which is a super high resolution screen, Multi touch display which makes the phone easy to navigate and use, 5mp camera, internet and all the common new additions we have come to expect from our phones.

In Closing
There are hundreds of phones on the market and by the time this is written I’m sure another hundred or so will have been projected for the future, each has its merits and it is really down to the consumer as to which they prefer rather than one being better than another. Choosing one of the phones mentioned will definitely keep you connected to family, friends and business, even if you only actually use 10% of its functions.
Now, how do I call someone on this thing?

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