Saturday, August 14, 2010

LG Pop GD510 | News and Reviews

Tech Blog - Have a recently released their all new smartphone, the LG Pop GD510, a touchscreen device that demonstrates how handsets can be loaded with features, yet still retain a sleek and lightweight aesthetic. The phone is essentially following on from the highly successful LG Cookie, another fairly cheap yet stylish looking smartphone from the people at LG, and the new POP model will be hoping to emulate the 7 million ‘Cookies’ that LG managed to sell. They’ve given themselves every chance of doing so however, with the POP GD510 avoiding most of the bloated specifications of many smartphones, and dealing with just the essentials – just the features and apps that their customers want.

LG are all about satisfying customer needs. So, the excellent LG POP is giving owners of the ‘Cookie’, and indeed new customers, the best of both worlds. They’ll get an extremely easy to use smartphone, with a touchscreen display, but they’ll also get a classy and sleek device that’s fun to use. Also, they’ll get a handset that’s much cheaper than the top-end alternatives on the market, despite little difference in features of specifications.

The front of the LG Pop is dominated by a 3” WQVGA touchscreen, which is phenomenally responsive, and allows users to navigate to any application on the phone instantly. There’s also a 3 megapixel camera on the back of the handset, and any images taken can be easily edited with LG’s specialist application.

For the music types, LG have added an MP3 player to the POP, so that users can enjoy their favourite albums or playlists on the move, either by plugging in headphones, or listening to the tunes through the high quality integrated speakers. As expected, the manufacturer has, this time, placed much emphasis on multimedia playback (as many smartphone manufacturers are beginning to do), and there’s evidence of this in the video player and video camera in the POP. Users can enjoy movies, trailers, and web content in the dedicated player, and they can also shoot their very own home movies!

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