Saturday, July 17, 2010

Explorer.exe High CPU Utilization on Vista | Fixed

Tech Blog - Recently I run into a problem on one of my laptops running Windows Vista, the problem was explorer.exe is using up 40% to 60% of the CPU resources when it is idle and up to 100% when it is not, anyway I search Google for solution for this problem and I have only found one that actually work, apparently Windows attempt to show video thumbnail on large media filed is using up all the CPU resource, the solution is to remove the registry key below, below is a step by step how to on removing the key.

- Go to "run" and type in "regedit" then hit enter
- Browse to the path blow in red
- Right Click on InProcServer32 select Export and save (this is for backup purposed to restore key)
- Then Right click and select delete, this will disable the video thumbnail on Windows Vista and Windows 7
- Reboot your computer, after rebooting computer your explorer.exe should be running normally around 0.50% during idle.

To monitor the CPU utilization on Windows Vista hit CTRL+ALT+DEL, then click on select Start Task Manager, select the Performance tab, then click on Resource Monitor

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Anonymous said...

Superb fix. Vista was slowing down my whole server via the mapped network drive trying to scan the large video files on it before this fix.

Anonymous said...

Didn't fix it for my clients PC but found another cause;
The 'MSN sites' reference in the explorer treeview under 'Computer'.
Just delete it and CPU goes down from 50% (on dual core CPU) to nil.

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