Thursday, May 06, 2010

Dreamate Sleep Induce | Gadget Review

Tech Blog -Some people suffer unusual sleeping patterns. And they would do anything just to fix their screwed body clock. Fortunately, there is one gadget that can induce sleeping and be able to bring back the normal sleeping patterns. This is the Dreamate Sleep Inducer.

The Dreamate Sleep Inducer uses accupressure methods to massage the so-called "golden sleeping triangle" pressure point on your left wrist. It's very simple, just use it 30 minutes before bedtime, and this sleep inducer will do the rest. You can see changes in your sleeping habits in just a week's use. But it is strongly recommends to use this gadget for eight weeks before you completely take it out of your system.

Personally, it's better to use this Sleep Inducer, since it relaxes the body and reduces stress. Unlike sleeping pills, you could eventually get addicted to it and make your sleeping habits worse, since they contain barbiturates. You don't have to deal with this gadget forever since it just serves as an aid to have better sleeping habits.


George said...

Blog on hi tech gadget that induces sleep is interesting to read. Such blog help people to have better sleep and reduce unwanted stress.

Dave said...

I'd love something like this! Not sure how it works, but my sleeping pattern is awful, I need it!

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