Friday, April 09, 2010

Shape Collage Review | Free Software

Tech Blog - I have been looking for a collage software recently to be used for my fiances project and been searching on Google for a full feature collage software that is of course free :) then I found Shape Collage the software is very good that allows you to collage images in various shape, it gives you a lot of control over how your collage will look like such as randomness, transparency, shapes, size, and image quality, I know that Picasa also offers a collage feature but I find it very limiting compared to Shape Collages, if your looking for a good collage software checkout Shape Collage, check out Demo video below.

Check out Shape Collage Demo Video

Get Shape Collage here

Below are some howto on troubleshooting


sesa_nanta said...

wow.. this is great.. thank you so much for sharing this great article.. your blog is really help me out...

Dave said...

It looks like a pretty handy piece of software, I might try it out if it's available on mac

Genius24k said...


Yes its available for Mac

Angela said...

love the software and fun. However I had to delete the program as after a few days of using got a error message saying problem may be due to recently installed software or software. the shape collage was the only program I had downloaded at the time. considered purchase but not sure if I want to now. Also after a few collages I got the shape collage title right smack in the middle of my shape. any suggestions.

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