Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bootleg Apple iPhone 3g Clone | China Made Phones | Review

Tech Blog - Today out of curiosity I just bought a bootleg iPhone this thing is amazing, when I say amazing I meant amazingly bad but you have to give it to the pirate, you won't be able to distinguish the box from original and fake take a look at it, the quality of the packaging is exactly just like the real thing with all the markings.

The package came with charger that resembes the Apple iPhone charger as well as bunch of other accessories that I'm not sure what it is the use for.

Picture of the phone it self it came with a protector sleeve, which also feel classy however my bootleg iPhone came with a little chip on the chrome paint that I didn't notice immediately.

This thing is unbelievably not responsive, I even used all my finger to do swiping motion and it still refuses to move to the next screen, the apps are slow and very very unresponsive I suppose that is caused by the crappy touchscreen, there is no fluidity in this phone, BTW i almost broke my sim into to trying to put in my sim card, the phone looks like the real thing if you just take a quick glance and it might even convince some people that has never seen the real one.

In conclusion this thing is a piece of crap, it look good specially in the box, you can't compare this iPhone clone to the real thing you can't even compare this garbage to a cheap Nokia phone anyway this thing cause me 4000php thats about 100 dollars. :)

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Laydee said...

So what is it good for? Fashion?

Lei said...

you get what you pay for :p

Anonymous said...

does it have a make and model number, as i got screwed with one and want rifd of it. As not getting my money back from the person bought from.

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