Saturday, February 06, 2010

iTunes 9 Error 0xE8000065 on Windows 7 and Vista Unabl to Synchronization

itunesTech Blog - After several months of not using my iPod Touch 1st generation, I have decided to use it once again after reading about iPad Tablet which got me a bit excited as I could see that I would definitely be getting one probably the iPad 3g one, anyway this post is not about iPad Tablet, but my problem with syncing my iPod Touch using iTunes 9 on Windows Vista, I have searched all over the net and seems liek there are no solution to this problem, my problem is basically iTunes 9 is not able to detect my iPod Touch and giving the error code Error 0xE8000065, however iTunes is able to detect my iPod Touch if I put it on "Recovery Mode" and able to do restore except for teh last part, which will not complete the restoration process, anyway I was able to fix my problem by uninstaling iTunes 9 and all its components including Apple Mobile Device, Bonjour, Quicktime and anything that has Apple label on it then I did a reboot, and then installed iTunes 8 and I was able to restore my iPod Touch and sync, good thing I haven't deleted iTunes 8 on my computer, now I'm thinking of upgrading my iTunes 8 to iTunes 9, which I hope iTunes 9 will not update the "Apple Mobile Device" installed by iTunes 8, as I found out that "Apple Mobile Device" that came with iTunes 9 is the culprit, I ws only able to make this conclusion when I removed iTunes 9 without removing "Apple Mobile Device" under "Program Feature" under Windows Vista, will update if updating to iTunes 9 via iTunes 8 work for me thanks for reading.

Below are some howto on troubleshooting

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