Thursday, March 18, 2010

Etymotic HF5 In-Ear Earphones Review

Tech Blog - I just purchase a new in-ear earphones after my old one an Etymotic ER6i earphones cable came loose after 6 years of use, I decided to go with Etymotic HF5 after looking around for several other in-ear earphones including Sleek Audio SA6 and Ultimate Ears, on of the factor for me on choosing Etymotic is due to past experience with the product which impressed the durability of the build the sound quality, anyway here is a short review of the Etymotic HF5.

Packaging: the Etymotic HF5 is packed very well and compact very practical as you can see below.

Build and comfort: The build quality of the HF5 I find it very good, the HF% is made of plastic that is painted like metal, the cord is much thicker than the Etymotic ER6i as can be seen below, the flanges are very surprisingly comfortable, comfortable enough to sleep.

Sound: The sound quality of Etymotic HF5 is very accurate and very good, there is more bass here compared to the Etymotic ER6i, the instrument separation is amazing, the sound isolation is fantastic with this on you will not hear anything around you, In my opinion this is the best and most accurate in-ear earphones on this price range, however this is not an earphone for people that wants a lot of bass.

Accessories: the Etymotic HF5 comes with 3 pair fo flanges, one extra filter, a pouch to put everything in and a small tool for replacing the filter.

In conclusion I highly recommend the Etymotic HF5, I bought mine at Amazon for $121 not including the shipping.

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