Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No Terminal Authorization Granted | SSH Tectia Client Error | Unix

Tech Blog - Recently I have been using SSH Tectia Client to connect to my Unix and Linux servers, however just couple of days ago I start encountering errors during after authentication when connecting to HP-UX boxes, the error that is show was "No Terminal Authorization Granted" a protocol error was detected this usually indicate a bug in the SSH application( either client or server) however I can still connect to the same host using the different workstation, so I figured out that my SSH Tectia Client is causing the problem and not my server, to fix the problem Im having I went into the SSH Tectia Client folder and deleted "default.ssh2" te I restarted SSH Tectia Client and was able to connect, if your having other problem with the SSH Tectia Client you can run it on Debug mode, go to Help > select Debugging then Enable Debugging, on debug level you can put in 0 to 9, 0 being no information is shown and 9 most detailed information is shown, the higher the number the more detail is shown, do take note that the application will suffer during debug mode.


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