Saturday, October 31, 2009

Olympus WS-300M MP3 Player

Tech Blog - Olympus is one of the famous companies manufacturing imaging and audio products, medical, scientific and industrial solutions. Olympus WS-300M MP3 Player is the latest model introduced into the world of music.

Olympus WS-300M MP3 Player is a flash based player with WMA audio formats. The interfaces that come in this model MP3 player are USB direct and 2.0 full speed. The output sound mode is in stereo format. The headphones that come with this model MP3 Player is binaural. It comes with LCD display. The accessory that comes with this model MP3 player is neck strap. The connectivity is wired and it comes with voice recorder feature. The response bandwidth is 100 to 15000Hz. It is designed with built-in microphone that has stereo sound output. It has voice recording feature with recording time up to 68 hours. It features built-in clock, head phone jack and long play back mode. The head phone output power per channel is 5mW. The enclosure is silver in colour. Olympus WS-300M Portable MP3 Player is introduced into the market with 1 year warranty.

Technical features:

The memory capacity of this model player is 256MB. You can store huge data containing music, images and dictation. Rock, Jazz, Pop and Flat are the equalizers in this model MP3 Player. It is designed to have AAA or Ni-MH battery. The battery life of alkaline battery is 13 hours and that of Ni-MH battery is 12 hours. Olympus WS-300M Flash MP3 Player comes with one built-in speaker of 100mW power.

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