Wednesday, October 07, 2009

How to Monitor RAID Devices on Linux

Tech Blog - Here is a simple howto on using mdadm to alert you of failing array Linux Software RAID. this is important becasue failed or failing devices needs to be replaces as diffrent RAID level have different capabilities when it comes to dealing with disk failure.

Lets us try to send a test e-mail to make sure that mail is working on your server
$ mdadm --monitor --scan --mail= YourEmailAddress /dev/md0 -t -1

If your mail is working you will receive a test message from your server

Now we set up the monitoring, to check the RAID array every 15 minutes using cron do "crontab -e" to edit cron
*/15 * * * * /sbin/mdadm --monitor --scan --mail= YourEmailAddressHere /dev/md0 -1

Note: /dev/md0 is the RAID array you want to monitor

Check out commands and howto on creating Linux Software RAID

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