Thursday, September 10, 2009

Howto Create Restore Point on Windows Vista

Tech Blog - We all have experience installing certain drivers or application then after the installation our system starts to act up, I have experienced this problem with old daemon tools that i didn't know doesn't support Windows Vista which causes my Windows to constantly do a reboot after installation the old Daemon tools, so the next time your not sure what the effect of a certain application or driver will do to your system, I suggest creating a restore point as this is probably the easiest way to fix whatever is wrong with your system afterwards, this is a quick guide on how to create restore point on you Windows Vista OS.

Go to Control Panel > System > Click on Advance System Settings, A window will popup click on "System Protection" then click on "Create button".

It will ask for description of the restore point, put in anything you want that will help you remember identify the restore point, then it will start creating a restore point as seen on image below.

Once creation of restore point is complete, you can click on "System Restore" button and you should see the newly created restore point with the description you put in, as seen on the image below.

Hope this help.

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