Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Console "debug" Prompt

Tech Blog - Recently I encountered and error on one of my servers it reported that the host is down when i logged into the ALOM console, I found it in debug prompt anyway If you find yourself having an ALOM on debug prompt believe me there is something very wrong on your server :) probably hardware related issue, a screen shot of my terminal screen below I also discovered that send breaks to the console does not work and the only thing that did work was to power cycle the server.

Before doing a power cycling I checked the console logs, which didn't show anything that would tell the cause of the host crashing

debug: sc> showlogs
Log entries since SEP 23 07:58:33 ----------------------------------
SEP 23 07:37:33 servername: 0004004f: "Indicator MB.ACT is now OFF"
SEP 23 07:39:57 servername: 0004004f: "Indicator MB.ACT is now ON"
MAY 11 06:07:59 servername: 0004004f: "Indicator MB.ACT is now OFF"

MAY 11 06:10:37 servername: 00040002: "Host System has Reset"

MAY 11 06:10:38 servername: 0004000b: "Host System has read and cleared bootmode."

showenvironment command also didn't show anything is wrong

After reseting the host the error below pop up
0>ERROR: TEST = Block Memory
0>H/W under test = MB/P0/B0/D0 (Bank 1), Motherboard

0>Repair Instructions: Replace items in order listed by 'H/W under test' above.
0>MSG = Pin 69 failed on MB/P0/B0/D0 (Bank 1), Motherboard 0>END_ERROR

So obviously it is a hardwae problem, initially I thought it was the motherboard but a closer look it was one of the dimm, anyway I ended up calling the vendor and have the part replaced, use the showfru command to identify the parts needed, you must be on the sc> to do the showfru command.

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