Saturday, August 08, 2009

XSCF Command - Console Howto

Tech Blog - Here is my simple quick and dirty guide on navigating through XSCF shell on your console, we don't often navigate through the console so it thought its a good idea to keep notes about it :) this is quick guide on some basic stuff like check hardware compnent, check domain status, power up and down as well as reset of the domain.

To Connect to a domain
XSCF> console -d domainhere

To Show status of a domain
XSCF> showdomainstatus -d domainhere

To displays the domain information specified for a system board.
XSCF> showdevices

To displays the temperature, humidity, voltage, and fan rotation speed.
XSCF> showenvironment

To lists degraded components.
XSCF> showstatus

To displays users who login to the XSCF.
XSCF> who

To reset domain there are 3 modes for reset command
  • por: Domain system reset
  • request: Domain panic instruction
  • xir: Domain CPU reset
XSCF> reset -d domainhere por

To power on/off all domain or sepcified domain
XSCF> poweron
XSCF> poweroff

Remember you can always use --help on every command to see what are teh available switched and options for it.

To logout of XSCF> type exit
To return to XSCF from a domain terminal type #.

Hope this help.

More command from Sun:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for quick specs man. It was very helpful for me, in order to identify some domain failure.


Deb said...

Just used this during an outage call this morning to get me into console - couldn't remember how to navigate through xscf - Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nicely laid out. Thanks.
Could you include the xscf reset command. After changing an alias by an unalias command followed by an alias command I still see the unaliased command I believe I have to reset the xscf to clear that.

Jake said...

XSCF> man intro

System Administration Intro(8)

Intro - list the commands provided by the XSCF firmware

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