Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Archos Android Smartphone Review

Tech Blog - Due to the greatest advancement of the technology, the manufacturers have started to integrate new technique each and every day to attract their potential customers. To fulfil, the need of the customers, the mobile phone manufacturers have started to introduce new and amazingly featured mobile phones in order to fulfil the need of the customers. On that part, Archos Android Smart phone is a really good and best mobile model integrated with ocean of functions and utilities.

This is absolutely a super phone, which is now available in the market, where the users can get everything they need in their palm. The designs of these Android mobile phones are amazing, which definitely puts the users at ease in handling the mobile phone. It has been called as ultra-thin Internet Media Tablet. The screen size is really an amazing one, where this is the first time, where the users are given a chance to use such a broad displayed mobile phone. It comes with 5 inch display which offers very clear and sharp display along with really high resolution.

OMAP3440 processor is integrated in this model and it works with Google’s Android operating system. Video recording, TiVo-like video recording and a digital TV are some of the other options that is available in this model. It has a large storage space with a capacity of 500GB. Talking about its other features, this phone offers wireless network connectivity supporting 3.5G standard. The downloading transfer rate of this model is 7.2MBps, where the user can experience PC-like web browsing experience.

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