Monday, May 04, 2009

Wolfram Alpha | The Future of Search?

Tech Blog - Wolfram Alpha has announced their official launched date of May 18, Wolfram Alpha is an web service that answers queries directly by computing the answer from structured data, unlike Google it does not show a list of website that it found that matches a query, Wolfram Alpha instead tries to understand the query and present you with the data your looking for, instead of a long list of relevant site and spam site, personally can't wait to try Wolfram Alpha on its released date, base on the reaction from people that have used it,Wolfram Alpha ssi very promising I think it might indeed be future of search.

[UPDATE]- Countdown to Launch(for soft launch May 15)

Wolfram Alpha Demo

You can check out the site here

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sysadmin said...

like 'cuil' future search? :)

Genius24k said...

Maybe this one would stick around longer as technically its not search, as the engine tries to understand the query and give data result such as graphs and related data than giving you a list of sites, apart from that this is a pretty old project which I think the author has been working on for quite sometime it used to be called Mathematica.

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