Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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Tech Blog - Everybody seems to be twitting these days, a lot of my colleagues and friends are crazy with twiter (twitter), its such a fun thing to do and very convenient as you can post anything very quickly, but have you every thought that twittering would even be better if you can upload pictures accompanying the post you just made, imagine taking an image using your phone then posting it with a short message on twiter, if you think that would be great then you should take a look at a new Twitter apps called Twitpic.

Twitpic lets you share photos on twiter easily, you can share your photo through your phone, Twitpic API , on the Twitpic page itself, or twiter client, Twitpic is so conevenient that you don't even have to use a seperate account for it, if your already a user of twiter then you already have an account on Twitpic, check out Twitpic photo sharing service for twiter here

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