Saturday, April 25, 2009

Swine Flu | Protection Against Swine Flu

I know this is not tech related post this is just something I need to share think of it as spreading information and hopefully help prevent it, as Swine Flu continuous to spread it would be a good idea to update ourselves with some simple tips on protection against Swine Flu, its also good to know that there has been no reported cases of the Swine flu in the Philippines and the Philippines authority are taking the Swine flu seriously and had taken action such as airport screening and imposed ban on importation of hogs and pork product from Mexico and the US even though it doesn't spread by eating contaminated pork.

Tips on Protecting against Swine Flu

- Use antibacterial wipes to wipe your keyboard, phones or anything that a lot of people use
- Wash your hands with soap and water
- Generally be clean, basic good hygiene helps a lot
- Stay away from sick people
- Use mask if your in crowded public places, mask must be graded N95, like this one "3M 8210 N95" for it to be effective
- Read CDC's Swine Flu Key Fact here and understand what it is and how it is spread

More Detailed Tips from CDC on the Video Below

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