Monday, April 27, 2009

Dreamhost Free Hosting Promo | For Soon to be Displaced Geocities User

geocitiesTech Blog - I'm pretty sad that Geocities is closing as I learned howto code HTML in notepad and building my first site with Geocities back in 97', I'm also sad that one of the first 5 sites I made almost a decade ago still exist and will soon be unavailable, I never expect it to live forever nor do I expect it that Yahoo will actually close down Geocities a site which have started personal sites and probably teaches a lot of kids then how to build websites with a lot of animated gifs, annoying sounds, eye burning background, anyway a Eli a friend of mine of, pointed me to a blog by Dreamhost that they are offering soon to be displaced Geocities user 2 year free hosting with Dreamhost for the first 1000 people to sign up with no string attached, which I promptly did and was able to get my 2 years hosting for free, all I did was verify that I'm a Geocities user by editing a page and have “I’m off to DreamHost!” on it, link of my Geocities page here and voila my hosting for 2 years is created and ready to go, below is a quote of the Dreamhost Blog regarding the promo.

“In honor of WebRing” or something, we are now offering to the first 1000 GeoCities users who sign up TWO YEARS of a completely free DreamHost account (including domain registration)!

No strings attached.

All you have to do is verify you are an existing GeoCities customer by creating a page on your GeoCities account (or editing an existing page) to have the phrase “I’m off to DreamHost!” on it!

Then when you signup for us, simply put the full url to that page as your “promotional code” and you’ll get a 2 year plan (normally $214.80) free!

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