Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3 Most Usefull Windows Vista Gadget

Gagdet Review - I know that a lot of people is not fond of Microsoft Windows Vista however a lot of people are stucked using it, so we might as well make the best of it and enjoy it here 5 sidebar gadget that I found to be most usefull on Windows Vista I hope you find it as usefull as I do.

Speed Test (Monitor CPU, RAM, Internet) - I recommend you to get this gadget which I found to be most useful, with this I find that I can minimized slowness of my computer as I would be able to identify which of the programs I run are memory/CPU hog to avoid running them simultaneously with other programs

Description of Speed Test Gadget

With Speed Test you can monitor CPU (over 8 cores) and RAM usage by itself and it has the ability to test;

- Maximum bandwidth speed (Internet Speed Test)
- Your own website download speed, response time and errors
- Hard drive space and activity
- Ping response times
- WIFI Signal strength
- Battery Charge status
- LAN bandwidth
- Upload and download data transfers
- Single process memory usage

You can get Speed Test Gadget Here

Wireless Meter - This is very useful gadget instead of clicking your wireless icon then viewing connection details or going ot the command line to type ipconfig /all, with this Vista gadget you will be able to immediately see your wireless network information such as SSID, signal quality, IP address, External IP address, IP lookup with google maps, upload speed, download speed and whether your connection is secure or not secure, its is one of the best Windows Vista sidebar gadget.

You can get Wireless Meter Gadget here

Control System - This is a simple Windows Vista Sidebar gadget that allows you to control standby, shutdown, restart, logoff or hibernate your Computer from you Windows Sidebar.

You can get Control System Gadget here

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