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Kidzui Safe Internet for Kids Review

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Tech Blog - After accidentally running into a site called Kidzui I installed the addon for Firefox, Kidzui claims on their site that they provide internet(content) for kids, meaning KidZui uses filters to pre-screen content. After screening by filters, content is reviewed by paid teachers and parents using a set of content guidelines, anyway although I'm no longer am a kid nor do I have a kid, I decided to install Kidzui, the installation for Kidzui is very straight forward like installing any other Firefox addons although a little bigger than the usual Firefox add-on which is understandable, anyway once installed to use Kidzui you just have to click on the letter "K" icon on your Firefox navigation bar, Kidzui will open up and you will be ask to create an account for your kid or your can create it for him, the process of creating an account is very straight forward it includes creating an Kidzui avatar, a username and password for your child's account it will also ask for the parent's e-mail adress which the [arent has to respond to before the account would be activated some screens of the Kidzui account creation process.

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Once account is activated your child will be able to browse through Kidzui which will allow him to browse pre-screened internet content, which include videos, photos, games, and website, the navigation is very easy it uses a zooming user interface paradigm where search results are displayed visually at smaller scale, children click on images to enlarge them. the visual interface makes it easier for children to browse without advanced reading skills. KidZui also has category browsing that allows children to explore the Internet using categories based on popularity or similarity, below is a screenshot of Kidzui navigation screen I was viewing a Naruto picture and voting it as "The Best!" here at Tech blog we love Naruto and another screen it not allowing me to go to youporn.com and gmail.com, apparently to Kidzui its the same :D which is great in my IMHO.

kidzui internet for kidskidzui safe internet

Now lets go to where the parents take control with Kidzui there is 2 component one is the Kids which is what ones we have been discussing as shown above, and second part is the parents component, which lets you administer and monitor what your child has been viewing on Kidzui, the free version of the administration page allows you to monitor pages being surf and view attempt to surf unappropriate/unapprove pages using Kidzui, it also has a personalization tab on the administration page that will allow you to add sites that you will allow him to surf on which is very useful, the paid version of Kidzui parental page allows very detailed monitoring of your child's browsing habit, including amount of time spent, who are they friends with on Kidzui, their activities, interest, favorites, some screen shot of Kidzui parental administration screen that can be used on the free version below as you can see I have allowed review-ninja.com on Kidzui we all know there are no inappropriate material there :)

kidzui internetkidzui

In conclusion I would recommend Kidzui to parents who have kids not more than 9 or 10 years old as you may have already figured out Kidzui is very easy to get around specially if your kids is even a bit computer savvy however for your kids this will surely be an enjoyable experience as everything is presented very well, and there ae lot of learning materials available, lus the parental tool even the free version will allow you an overview of your kids interest and activities which will be very helpful in understanding them, however there is still no software replacement for good parenting, check out Kidzui I'm sure you will find it very enjoyable and usefull it free. Check them out here

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