Monday, March 23, 2009

Howto fix iTunes Windows Vista DEP error

Couple of days ago I encountered a problem with my iTunes that is installed on my Windows Vista laptop, after insalling K-Lite package I found that iTunes is unable to start due to DEP featue on Vista keeps on closing the application, I also found that the fault lies in "quicktime.qts_unloaded", below is a list of the thing I did to fix the issue.

- Uninstall K-lite package from my computer.
- Uninstall Quicktime from my computer.
- Reboot the computer ater Quicktime and K-lite uninstallation.
- Download the latest Quicktime, install then reboot
- Start iTunes see if problem still persist, if problem still persist.
- Download and Install over old iTunes then reboot.
- After reboot start iTunes and all your libraries should still be intact.

I hope this help, for you guys having problem with your iTunes and DEP.

Note: K-Lite codec is not compatible with iTunes based on my experienced.

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Anonymous said...

This didn't work for me. I had to reinstall Vista and that worked for a whole day. DEP error just popped up again. The problem only occurs when I connect my iPod touch and not my nano. I'm about to shoot my pc.

Genius24k said...

Try removing all traces of iTunes, everything that is under apple on Program Feature uninstall it, then do a reboot, then reinstall iTunes.

Anonymous said...

I did MORE than that. I wiped the hard drive and reinstalled the OS. Within 24 hours the problem was back. It's either a flaw in the OS or my iPod touch is cursed.

Genius24k said...

Which version of iTunes have you been using, I'm currently using iTunes 8 with no problems, I have revrted back from iTunes 9 which I'm having problem with.

Genius24k said...

Also take note I only encountered the problem(DEP error) problem after installing K-Lite.

Anonymous said...

very simple solution, right click button on the itunes icon, run as administrator and everything is working

Anonymous said...

I can solve this problem, First install older itune (I use 10.5) then update itune by Help > Check for update (I will get 10.5.2)

Hope this post can help every body.

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