Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CDisplay Great Comic Book Reader

Tech Blog - I have been collection comic book for a pretty long time now, and every month I buy a lot of comics but I'm still not able to afford all the books I want so for years I have been catching up with old comic books that I missed by reading a digital copy of this issue, usually you will be able to find and download them through mostly any torrent site such as Pirate Bay or Mininova, most of this type of files come in cbr file format and you will need a cbr reader to view the comics, anyway one of the best cbr reader out the is CDisplay which can be downloaded here for free, I find CDisplay to be very convenient as you can run the program off a folder, it also has some nice features such as customizable action assigned to certain keys and mouse click, auto zoom on mouse over for certain region of the book, automatic color balance and yellow reduction, can read cbr files that are compressed in zip and rar without decompressing, page through images sequentially and scroll around pages with single key presses and multiple format view of the comics and best of all CDisplay is free, enjoy!


Rhyce said...

CDisplay is great, what made it even better is that it's free.

The best "F" word in the internet. =D

Dig Al said...

CDisplay is my favorite too and it's free.
Unlike cbr files...which I think should be free.

Marvel offers thousands of comics online for $60/yr. That ain't bad I guess, unless you want to read without internet access.

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