Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Samsung | Omnia i900 | Tech Review

Recently my girl friend's PDA a Palm Tungsten T3 broke down, so we went out and got a new PDA She was very specific what she wanted such as it must be able to read PDF/DOC/CHM files without conversion which I know it would be impossible to do on Palm OS, She also want her new PDA to be able to run Skyscape and other medical application, She also insist that it be a Phone with PDA, anyway we decided to get Samsung Omnia i900 8gb version, my first impression when I opened the box and feel the Samsung Omnia is that it so light it doesn't feel solid which is totally different from my iPod Touch and iPhone, when I turn on the phone I immediately tried if the touch screen of the Samsung Omnia's touch screen is as smooth as the ones on my iPod touch which I quickly learn is not even close, I also discover that my fat finger doesn't work well with the Samsung Omnia's touch screen which I resolved using the stylus that came with it, despite my dissapointment with the touch screen, not hotswapable memory card and plasticky feel of the phone, I find that there is a lot to like with the Samsung Omnia it is a feature pack phone/PDA, it sports GPS/Wifi/Blutooth it comes with a 5mp camera which has tons of features such as auto Flash, sequencial shot, I also find the interface of the Windows Mobile 6 to be easy to use, apart from the package software I also like that there are tons fo application available for the pocket pc, all in all if your looking for a good Phone/PDA Pocket PC I would highly recommend Samsung Omnia i900.

The Samsung Omnia i900 cost us P24,000 which I bought at Greenhill theatre Mall.

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