Monday, January 19, 2009

EASUS | Partition Manager | Tech Blog Review

Recently I was ask to EASUS Partition Manager server edition, so out of curiousity I used it on my Widnows Vista system even though it is not clearly written on the EASUS partition manager website that the version I have support Windows Vista I ran it anyway, everything came up right it manage to detect all my internal disk on my laptop, however I immediately notice that it has trouble detecting the filesystem on my 500gb USB external connected at that time to my laptop it is showing as unformatted even though it is formatted using fat32 filesystem, apart from that I find the EASUS partition manager easy to use, the interface show consolidated view of all your disk ala disk manager in Windows, it allows you to right click to see a sub menu with all the action you can take with the disk, some of the features of the EASUS partition manager are resize, move partitions without losing data, disk copy, partition copy to protect data, copy with resize to fit target space, create, delete and format partitions and hide and unhide partitions, all this features are available on their free home version, since I had a server edition my copy also comes with a feature that enable me too create a bootable CD/DVD to manage partitions, which based on my test is has a difficulty setting its video resolution on my laptop, bottomline if your a technical person you probably wouldn't need EASUS partition manager to do your partitioning, however if your not tech savvy or just new to tech EASUS partition manager is a good tool to help you understand disk partitioning as it comes with good documentation and does the job well and all in a single interface, I personnaly find the free home version to be very good tool to have on your tool kit, you download it at EASUS Partition Manager.

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