Saturday, November 22, 2008

PlusNet Broadband Providers

PC Peripherals Company called Force9 was launched in 1997 and its sales team first used the brand PlusNet. In January 24, 2007 this UK Broadband Internet Provider based in Sheffield, UK was bought by the BT Group. Other brands operated by PlusNet are Metronet, Force 7 and Metronet. Now it is the overall best broadband provider in UK.

PlusNet offers “Broadband Your Way” through four options ranging from £9.99 to £29.99. The common aspects of these four options are 8Mb speeds, one month or one year contract, free overnight usage, round the clock UK-based assistance. Customers get to choose their usage allowance (up to 40GB) and top up usage is charged 75p per GB or £1 per GB.

Payment method can be either monthly or “pay as you go”. The packages are inclusive of anytime broadband (VoIP) calls. In case of a broadband fault alternative dial-up options are available. The security features include anti-virus, spam filter, firewall and safe surfing. A number of web services like 250MB web space and daily website traffic allowance, search engine submission, web visitor figures, powerful databases and support for MS FrontPage, scripts and programming. PlusNet also offers some communication facilities like email addresses, mailboxes, newsgroups, mail server hosting, discussion forums etc. An organiser and post code finder are additional online tools that they offer.

A special product for gamers called PlusNet Broadband Your Way Pro has been designed specifically for the same. A good gaming advantage is rendered by prioritising VoIP and gaming traffic.

You can also compare all offers of broadband providers on Be Value, BT total option 1, home lite, AOL Wireless Broadband and PlusNet Broadband your way option 1 at broadband suppliers website.

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