Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Free Webhosting Services | Review

Been busy since I came home from North America, anyway I have been looking for some web hosting company to host some of my sites and mostly blogs running on Wordpress, one of my friend recommended I signed up with 000webhost and try out their services, I have been trying out their free web hosting service for few weeks now, I find their hosting service to be very attractive specially the price of the package which is free, anyway the 000webhost free package comes with 1500 MB disk space, 100 GB of bandwidth, it support PHP and MySQL, CRON, GD, Streaming Video, the package also comes with limited Fantastico autoinstaller, and Full email support (I don’t use it), the user interface control panel for backup and restore of your site and on 000webhost interface is very easy to use and understand, 000webhost also offers FTP access to your account as well as a 2 web based file manager one is java based, best of all 000webhost is offering this service for free without banners or ads like unlike Geocities and also allows you to place your own ads on your site without restriction, so far I am happy with their service even if I occasionally I experienced downtime on my site specially during peak hours, considering they are offering this service for free it not too bad, anyway I have also checked out other web hosting services such as Bluehost and 1and1 hosting as I have read some very good user web hosting reviews about them, as off now I’m still looking for other webhosting company and haven’t decided, but if your looking for a web hosting company to host your blog I would recommend checking out 000webhost.

Link to www.000webhost.com

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Bart said...

000webhost is the best hosting i've found.I never had any problems with 000webhost.
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