Saturday, October 18, 2008

Xiaonei | China's Facebook | Xiaonei Social Network

XiaoneiI was browsing and accidentally came to this Chinese social networking site called Xiaonei, I find it funny that the interface of Xiaonei is feel totally the same as if your actually browsing Facebook, it even called itself the "Facebook of China" its just like a perfect clone of Facebook, out of curiousity I did more research about the site and found out as of November of 2007, Xiaonei has become China's largest online community website among universities with more than 8.8 million active users, is also considered to be the most powerful student social network service in Mainland China, in comparison to Facebook, Facebook still had a lead over Xiaonei , as Facebook has 2.245% of global internet users logging on to its sites daily while compared to Xiaonei's 0.084%, I wonder if profiles on Xiaonei's social network are being monitored by the Chinese goverment, sort of to keep an eye on the College kids and make sure their not planning anything. :)

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