Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Windows Vista | Services

Recently I have been trying to boost the performance of my Windows Vista loaded laptop, so I have been disabling Vista's services, so far I have disables the service listed below without having any problems, I have also notice significant boost on my Windows Vista performance after disabling them, remember to reboot your system.

To Disable services on Windows Vista go to: Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services > then right click on the service you don't want, select properties then either disable them or set to manual.

* Infrared Monitor Service
* KTMRM for Distributed Transaction Coordinator
* Peer Name Resolution Protocol
* Pen Service
* PnP-X IP Bus Enumerator Service
* Remote Access Connection Manager
* Remote Registry
* Secondary Logon
* SL UI Notification Service
* SSDP Discover Service
* Tablet PC Input Service
* TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
* UPnP Device Host
* Virtual Disk
* WebClient
* Windows Management Instrumentation
* Windows Media Center Extender Service
* WinHTTP WebProxy AutoDiscovery Service


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