Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Windows Vista Games | Explorer

Been using Windows Vista for a while now, its not a great operating system as I think XP is is better than Vista, however it works for me most of the time on my laptop, I mainly use it for playing games but I am disappointed from time to time as I can't run some games I use to play on my XP system, anyway while browsing through my Windows Vista I discovered Windows Vista Game Explorer.

The Windows Game Explorer is a new feature on Windows that let you manage your installed games on your computer, it provides the user control panel view of the installed Windows Vista games, Icons view for each game provide easy access to the games and offer detailed information about each, such as a game's publisher and developer, which version of the game you own, when you last played, box cover art, and the release date, genre, and rating for each game. You can use this information to sort and organize your games in meaningful ways, When you first start up Windows Vista only the default games show up with big icons which makes identification easier. if your asking why use the Windows Vista Games Explorer to manage the games installed on your Windows Vista computer, you will want to use to use it because it is easier to manage and keep all those icons on one place, specially if you have lots of games installed, do take not howveer that not all games are suppoprted I would guess its safe to say that unpopular agems are not supported, however you can still add them to Windows Vista Games Explorer by moving the directoy manually to the explorer folder.

Note: You can find Windows Vista Games Explorer listed on the Start menu.

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