Thursday, October 16, 2008

Windows File Encryption | Free Downloads

windows file encryptionWe all know by now that we can encrypt file using Windows, or should I say Windows has a built in encryption capability, however I don't use the built in Windows Eencryption not that I don't trust Microsoft because their going to steal my data, its more like I don't trust Windows can decrypt my data when something goes wrong, anyway in my work I use notepad as much as I use Emacs or Vi, I store a lot of password, procedure and environment on the notepad so I have to find a way to encrypt and decrypt the files I have, I wanted something easy to use, no installation or small install package, something light, fast, easily transferable, not system dependent and of course free, anyway I search the web and I found couple of very good encryption software, which I have been using for years now one is called Steganos Locknote here it basically only does one thing act like a notepad with password and AxCrypt here which can encrypt any file and allows you to decrypt it on any other computer without installing AxCrypt, both are very good at doing what their suppose to do and both are free, aside from encrypting your file you might also want to encrypt your mails, but that another howto :) for now hope this help.

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