Friday, October 24, 2008

Twinhead Stylebook 12D Notebook Review

People need everything to them very stylish updated with the present trends and the manufacturers of all products have started to implement them. The notebooks which have been launched recently are also integrated with new styles and look. This Twinhead Stylebook 12D Notebook stands ahead of all other existing notebook models with the features used in this. The white colour of the notebook is a highlighted aspect available on the device.

This device can be graded as a portable notebook with its 1.75kg weight, assured with a comfortable usage. Dimensions of the device are noted as 30.8cm height, 225 cm width and 275 cm length. It is highly accessible with the help of Pentium M processor, where the bus speed is given as 533MHz. 1.73GHz is the processor speed of this stylebook notebook. Hard disk memory of the device is determined as 60DB where a DVD/CD-RW combo is used for the optical storage purpose. The users can enjoy using all these features with the help of Windows XP Home Edition Operating system.

Standard memory of 512MB is used in the device helping the users to store data of all types and it also supports the maximum memory of 2048 MB.10/100 Ethernet is the memory port available in Twinhead Stylebook 12D with a wireless network consisting of 802.11 b wireless networking. Talking about the display and audio features of this model, the device has a screen size of 12.1 inches with VGA 640 x 480 pixels giving out perfect image. The sound card and built-in AC-97-compatible audio chip facilitates to deliver PCI stereo sound. Lithium battery is supported by this model offering a standard life-time of 3.5 hours. The noteworthy features of this model are its enhancing look, easy access, clear display and a really high memory space. This is the apt choice for working people because of compact size and lightweight.

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