Saturday, October 25, 2008

Travian | Free Online Game

Travian Free online game browserTravian is a free browser based game, Travian starts the player as leader of a small village with two people. The Travian village has one building, which is the main building, and around the village lie 18 fields each providing one of the resources: iron, crop, clay and lumber, Travian Troops can be produced once a player has built a barracks and a rally point. More types of troops are available after the player has built an academy and researched the troop type. These troops can either be used to attack villages, often in order to steal or raid resources, or to defend against an attacker. Once the player has fulfilled certain criteria, they can found other villages or conquer those of an enemy with a tribal leader.

The aim of Travian is to increase population and to control as many villages as possible. After a certain amount of time, further buildings and concepts are introduced, namely the introduction of the wonders of the world. The game ends when a player has finished constructing the Wonder of the World to level 100.

Each player earns points for raiding, attacking, and defending. These points make up an appropriate ranking system. The alliance points are made up by calculating the total number of population in the alliance.

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Travian Free online game browser Travian Free online game browser

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