Thursday, October 23, 2008

T-Mobile G1 Google Android Mobile Phone

Updated features and latest techniques are the two main factors the mobile users are focussing on. T-Mobile, a popular company in the market has launched a new model T-Mobile G1 Google Android Mobile Phone with incredible features for the users to have a great time using this mobile phone. This model comes in a unique design which can be categorised as a slide model. The key are incorporated under the monitor, which prevents the gadget from auto-dialling.

The total weight of this T-Mobile G1 Google Android Mobile Phone is determined as 5.6 ounces supporting with 3G device (UMTS) enabling the users to make fast downloads of the data. The display screen of this particular model is HVGA display screen along with (480 x 320) pixels. It gives way to store more data in the device with a memory speed of 8GB on-board support. Mina advantage with the memory of this mobile phone is an expansion slot is available.

This model supported with android applications and a range of android like Wallet Android, Flare, Kei, Monolith Android, Loco, Tune Wiki, Snap, Locale, Android Location, Geo Life and Android Scan. This model is used as a GPS receiver for the easy navigation of the route. It holds credit with the attractive looks, where the slider is used in the device to use the keypad.

T-Mobile mobile phones offer a good talk time of 5 hours along with a satisfied time of 130 hours. The size is determined as 4.6 x 2.16 x 0.63 inches which makes the device handier to carry around the place. Coverage area of this 3G device is 2.5 mile circle. It has a built-in camera of 3.1 mega pixels resolution is used to take pictures better in best quality. The display of the mobile can be used as a PC monitor because of its large screen.

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Today G1 Mobile Phone has been a demand of the day. Its features make it the king of all mobile phones in the market today. As per the records mobile phone has become necessarily for life and if we talk about which is the best Mobile Phone then it’s the Google’s Android that is counted first.

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