Thursday, October 02, 2008

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customer feedbackSuggestion Box is traditional way getting customer feedback, it serve as receptacle of ideas, complaints and other inputs from customers and patrons, variation of method including customer feedback form via postal mail to customer satisfaction survey card on restaurant, however this days this method are not as practical as they used to be, businesses today operates in a global scale and information and data have to travel fast, apart from that most of the time clients doesn't have physical contact nor time to fill out forms, this is where comes in, offers what I would probably call feedback management system for individuals and for organization, it is an effective way of managing feedback from client and track its progress, if used side by side customer relationship management system, you wil be able to deliver an effective customer relation marketing plan in an efficient cost effective manner. offer this services for free(individual members) and for a fee(Subscriber, groups or organization), signing up with is easy you will be able to start making and tracking your suggestions within minutes upon sign up, the interface are friendly and intuitive that anyone can use it, there are many benefit in using even as individual users however the biggest benefit of is to companies or oraganization that subscribes to it, as it provides their client a convenient way of communicating concerns and suggestion to the right people in the organization, make sure that issues are address, and suggestion are noted, as well customer data are analyze on time so that customer relationship marketing are done effectively.

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customer feedbackcustomer feedback

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