Monday, October 20, 2008

Samsung U800 | Samsung Reviews

Samsung has produced some great-looking and affordable quality mobile phones through out the years, Samsung was one of the first company to deliver the first music phone and its also one of the first to introduced internet enabled phone, Samsung also is known for their quality phones and the Samsung U800 is probably one of the best they have ever made. The Samsung U800 has a mettalic finish which gives it a classy look, the phones feel solid and doesn't feel like cheap plastic like some of the mobile phones out in the market. Samsung also used a very good keypad on the Samsung U800 similar to the ones used in Motorola Razr's handsets except the ones on Samsung U800 is ver reposive, the keys are large which is very convenient for texting, specially when you have large fingers.

Feature wise the Samsung U800 has all the things you need on a basic phones today plus a little bit more, the Samsung U800 is a Tri- Band phone it supports GPRS and HSPDA, its has dual cameras one in front for video calling and on at the back the main camera a 3 mega pixel resolution camera, the image quality of the 3MP cameras is very good, The processing, sharpening and colour detail produces good results and the camera interface is easy to use and quick for finding settings so you don’t miss anything, however video recording fared less, at a frame rate of 15 fps doesn't really impress. Playback of the recorded video showed footage that was jumpy and bitty, the Samsung U800 also has a built in FM rreceiver, Samsung U800 also supports MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+,e-ACC playback and it has a 1000mb internal memory and expandable using a Micro SD, the Samsung U800 has Bluetooth v2.0 conncectivity, the Samsung U800 handles all the common types of messages, SMS, EMS, MMS and emails, and you can store 500 SMS, 30 push messages, 200 broadcast messages and 30 configuration messages on the available 1GB memory., it also has an bult in speaker phone.

As for the interface it has a standard Samsung mobile phone interface it is easy to navigate and understand. The 2 inch screen has the full colour at 16 million colours at 240 x 320 pixels , the images are sharp and of good quality. The main menu displays a grid base menu system or a standard list whichever you prefer both are easy and simple to use, so if your looking for a simple but feature pack, user friendly, classy, solid looking the Samsung U800 is a good phone, with a very good batery life (5 hours talk time), I would suggest you take a look at Samsung U800 it might just be the phone for you.

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