Monday, October 06, 2008

MKV2VOB | Convert MKV to VOB | PS3 | Howto

This is a quick howto on playing high-definition (HD) MKV video files on your Playstation 3 with the help of MKV2VOB, if your asking why I would want to do that, then this howto is not for you :), anyway your Playstation 3 or PS 3 supports high-definition (HD) movies, whose video resolution can scale up to 1080p and video bitrate could be more than 40Mbps, it would be a waste if you could only use it playing Blu-Ray disk and Games, anyway lets begin.

What we need.
  • MKV2VOB - download and extract this a free tool which will remux MKV with x264 video and AC3 audio to a VOB file which is playable on the site here.
  • External hard disk or storage that is formatted to Fat32 file system and can connect to USB ports
  • HD Capable TV and Playstation 3 - Why else are you reading this if you don't have it :)
Step 1 - Download and Install MKV2VOB.exe on your computer
Step 2 - Select the MKV file you want to convert using MKV2VOB
Step 3 - Now select where to save the converted VOB file
Step 4 - Do not interupt the process let it finish
Step 5 - Copy the VOB file the external hard disk and play it on your Playstation 3.


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