Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mail server Failover howto

Sometimes we need a mail server failover, because if you don't when your mail server went down you won't be receiving any mail and we all know how important email is this days, one way of doing mail server failover is through Domain Name Server (DNS).

By defining your MX record likeshown below, If the preferred mail server which is went down, mail will be sent to the secondary server, it is also advisable to host the secondary mail server in another location you will also need to configure the second mail server as a relay with a long retry time so that it will accept mail and try to relay it to the main mail server depending on how long you set your retry time.

To define MX records with different priorities.

; zone file fragment
IN MX 10
IN MX 20
mail IN A

Do rememebr to test your Mail Server Failover setup from time to time.

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