Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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Mantis is an open source helpdesk ticketing and bug tracking system, it is simple to use, and easy to modify for your own use, Mantis can be use like any IT helpdesk software, except you don't have to pay for it and unlike othe IT helpdesk software it is web based meaning nothing have to be installed on your workstations and it support all operating system that can run a web browser, to set up Mantis as helpdesk ticketing system or a bug tracking system, you will need to setup a webserver, that support PHP and also setup MySQL, some feature of the Mantis helpdesk ticketing system are user level control, group actions, various authentication mechnism support, wiki integration, time tracking, signup with captcha and email confirmation, issue relationships with graph, attachment auto-preview, search, reporting with graph, to see the full list of Mantis helpdesk ticketing and bug tracking system feature see link here, apart from that Mantis helpdesk system has very good documentation, visit Mantis site for more information

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Shalin said...

I would say Mantis is more for BUG & Issue tracking rather than Help Desk Management.

Primarily because it cannot convert emails into tickets and also has a work flow that is not easily adaptable for support management.

OS Ticket and Help Desk Pilot are more suitable as an Helpdesk Application.

Paul said...

We are currently testing the web-based help desk software solution called Web Help Desk (www.webhelpdesk.com)

I haven't found it on your site but have you reviewed this one? We want to make sure that we make the right decision.

Thanks in advance!


Gregory Singleton said...

You may want to have a look at Bridgetrak - the tool we use in our company.

This solution includes rich helpdesk functionality and easy to use interface.

As for the price - it's much cheaper than the tools with similar features.

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