Saturday, October 04, 2008

Comodo Firewall | Trusted Internet | Review

Comodo FirewallHere is another great tip in keeping your computer safe and secure as well as making the internet a better place, anyway one of the product I use on my desktop is a Firewall, and Antispyware, so far one of the best products I have use is the Comodo's Firewall, I would say its effective in keeping out viruses, worms, spyware, its able to successfully block port scans, intrusion attempts, and prevent modification of critical system, the Comodo Firewall also successfully keep an infected computer contained to prevent further spread of the virus on the network and internet that would help build a more Trusted Internet, Comodo Firewall also include a built in AV scanner which makes it one of the most comprehensive and effective firewall for desktop in the market today, and the best thing is the Comodo Firewall is free and you can consider it as a way of helping build a healthier Trusted Internet, apart from offering a great all in one firewall for free, Comodo also offers an extensive end to end security solution for desktop users such as Comodo iVault(Encryption), Comodo Registry Cleaner, Comodo Backup, and Comodo Antispam and SecureEmail, if you’re an organization and looking for an enterprise desktop security solution Comodo also offers solution for you.

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