Thursday, October 23, 2008

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Recently I have been doing some of my backup on home server using the flarcreate commands, their easy to use and they are image copy of the OS, so its easy to recover from it, the only thing that is you can’t do with it is selective restore of files like what you can do with UFSdump, but for me this is convenient enough for my home server, which I use it on.

What is Flar ?

The flar command is used to administer flash archives. A flash archive is an easily transportable version of a refer-ence configuration of the Solaris operating environment, plus optional other software. Such an archive is used for the rapid installation of Solaris on large numbers of machines. You can create a flash archive using the command "flarcreate"

Example of flar command on creating a Flash Archive

flarcreate -n [name I put hostname here] –x [exclude folder or files] [name of the archive.flar]

That’s it, you can burn the flar archive directly to a DVD and boot from it, of course it would depend if your image can fit on one DVD, another option is too boot it on a shared NFS drive.

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