Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Full filesystem backup | ufsdump

ufsdump backs up all files in filesystem, where filesystem represents a special device, or files changed after a certain date, to magnetic tape and ufsrestore is the utility for restoring data backup from a ufsdump. We can use restore interactively to restore certain files or directories.

Below is a quick guide on doing a full backup using ufsdump

Remember to run ufsdump backup on single usermode.
$ init -s

To Dump a backup of the root filesystem issue the following command
$ ufsdump 0uf /path were you want to dump backup/ /

Then Verify your dump
$ ufsrestore tf /path were you dump the backup/file

To Restore your dump | backup
$ ufsrestore rvf /path were you dump the backup/file

Do man ufsdump to find out what other switches is available

Thats is for now

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