Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Copy music off your iPod Touch to your PC | Free | Howto

This is an easy and quick guide to copy music off your iPod Touch to any computer for free.

I did this on Windows Vista if you have XP it should also work.

First we need to download the softwares we need to get things done.
  • Make sure that you don't have 2.0.* firmware on your iPod touch or iPhone as ml_ipod does not support it yet, if you do your out of luck.
  • iTunes - You need iTunes for the iPod driver and nothing else, make sure to install this for it to work, for your Windows to detect your iPod touch properly.
  • Winamp - download the latest Winamp media player
  • ml_ipod - now we need to download the Winamp iPod plugin, I know that it said that Winamp already have it install, but base on my personal experience I had to install ml_ipod for Winamp to detect mu iPod touch.
Now to the steps

Step 1 - Install Winamp and follow the onscreen instruction
Step 2 - Install ml_ipod and click yes when a screen popup asking you to confirm that you have 1.1.* firmware
Step 3 - Once installation is done connect your iPod touch to your computer
Step 4 - Run Winamp it will take a while as it initialize(?) the plugins, once its up go to media library - > devices you should see iPod under it and you will see all the list you have on your iPod.
Step 5 - Configure Winamp to transfer files from iPod to a specific directory oether wise it will just copy it over to "c:", which we don't want, click on edit -> preference, ipod -> download -> transfer directory once this is set, We are ready to copy it over to your hard disk, right click on iPod then select Transfer to Hard disk this will take a while depend on the how much content you have on your iPod it will download Audio and Video files to your Hard Disk.

Thats it, Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

What happens if u cant c your iPod touch in Winamp after following your instructions

Genius24k said...

You might have missed something, do you have iTunes installed on your Computer?

if not try downloading the latest iTunes then run it once, note make sure that you are not running 2.0 and up firmware as it will not work and not supported

Anonymous said...

Thank you soo much! Searched for ages to get a program that could do this.

Ms. said...

I am trying to download from my ipod touch. I did all the instructions until I got to where it says go to edit -> preference, ipod -> download -> transfer directory once this is set. I dont have that on my version of winamp. WHAT DO I DO?? HELPPP!!!

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