Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Noob's Free Antivirus Software | Firewall

Here are some free software for protecting your computer and keeping it that way, this software are some of the software I have used in the past and have good experience with, and some are stuff that I'm currently still using on my computers that has Windows on it, they are all free to download and install.

I hope you guys find the list useful.

Web Browser

This are free and better alternative to Internet Explorer, better in security and in my opinion in features and interface, I like Firefox browser so much that I use it every day whether I'm on my Linux or Windows computer and I also use Opera as my backup browser, basically I don't use Internet explorer, and I'm not interested in buggy Safari i would rather use IE than safari.
  • Opera - A very nice looking, full feature browser probably one of the best browser out there
  • Firefox 3 - Probably the best browser out there, plus loads of add-ons which add features to the Firefox browser, you can check out some of best add-ons here -www.
  • Avant - I have never used Avant but I have heard some good things about it, from what I remember its based on Internet Explorer -


Software firewalls are programs that run on your computer and sits themselves between your network software drivers and your operating system. They intercept attacks before your operating system can acknowledge them, here are some of my favorite free effective firewall, currently I'm back to using Zonealarm, but any of these firewall is good, if you don't want to install firewall on your windows computer at least turn on the built in Windows firewall.

  • OutPost Firewall -
  • Comodo Firewall -
  • Zonealam - this is probably one of my favorite firewall for desktop

Virus, Spyware Scanner

Full Feature Realtime Antivirus scanner - these are normally installed and use to prevent virus from entering your computer, these software will scan all files coming in to your computer whether its from a disk or from the internet.

  • Avast - I currently have Avast installed on my computer and its very effective and works great -
  • AVG - I haven't use AVG for while I'm not sure how good the new version is, but from my previous experience using its very good at detecting virus but not at cleaning and removing it if your using a free version. -

Manual Antivirus scanner - these tools are usually used, when all else have failed like your when you computer is already infected and your anti-virus is not working properly, you can use the tools below to scan your computer.

  • Clamwin - Is Clamwin is an opensource Anti-virus, its really good at detecting and removing virus but its a bit slow.
  • Trendmicro Sysclean - This tool will probably be your best friend when your computer is already infected and its totally unusable just run this on safe mode scan, almost 99% of the time if your infected it will be able to get rid of it, as long as you have an updated definition file, to learn how to use this tool follow the instruction and the link here .
  • Spyware Terminator - I have not use this tool but I hear that its very good at what it does.
  • Spybot search and Destroy - I have good experience with Spybot SD, I like it very much as it does not only scan your computer of adware and spyware but it also guard your registry from unauthorize entry, Spybot SD also comes with a file shredder to permanently delete your file.
  • Adaware - One of the most effective Adware scanner out there, I'm not really fond of the new adware i feel its too slow, but it still does the job.
That it have a safe computing day.


Anonymous said...

thanks,:-) training as a defencive noob ninja good to know alternatives.

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